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U.S.-Made Steel Mushrooms

For one hundred forty years, harbormasters have relied on mushroom anchors for permanent moorings.We sell U.S. made all steel mushroom moorings. Steel has the property of bending rather than breaking and allows 100% welded consruction.In addition they have the advantage of 30% counterweighting,a more aggresive biting edge,and a larger bell diameter that greatly improves holding power.The weighted head also boasts a stronger eye insuring longer-life and the shaft will stay on the bottom keeping the chain from wraping around it.

We have found that our anchors provide more holding power than a Pyramid and up to 25 percent more than a traditional mushroom.One of our anchors properly set will have a holding power of about 10 times the weight.

Mooring eye on a 300lb mushroom being inspected after 6 years in water shows no sign of wear.
Once you compare the choice is U.S.-Made Steel Mushrooms

25lb,50lb,75lb,100lb Suitable for boats to 15 ft.
150lb,200lb,250lb Suitable for boats in the 15-25ft range. Also in 2001 a New short shank 150lb for shallow water.
300lb,350lb,400lb,500lb Suitable for boats in the 25-35ft range
600lb,800lb,1000lb and 2000lb for 40ft plus
50lb Our Price $100.00
75lb Our Price $150.00
100lb Our Price $200.00
150lb Our Price $300.00 short or reg. shank
200lb Our Price $400.00
250lb Our Price $500.00
300lb Our Price $600.00
350lb Our Price $700.00
400lb Our Price $800.00
500lb Our Price $1000.00
600lb Our Price $1200.00
800lb Our Price $1600.00
1000lb Our Price $2000.00
1500lb Our Price $3000.00

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